Activities and commodities in port of Ghent

Paper and wood products
Production and recycling as well as imports and distribution of paper and pulp have for a long already been a major activity in port of Ghent. Also wood, whether it comes from Northern Europe, America, Asia or Africa, as long as it is environment-friendly and sustainably harvested, finds its way via the Ghent importers. New and strongly on the rise are peat, wood chips and pellets.

Ghent port actively participates in ‘Ghent Bio-Economy Valley’ a joint initiative by Ghent University and various public and private companies for the development and commercialization of bio fuels and bio-energy. We offer strategically located sites, bring about synergies and promote stevedoring expertise within Europe’s largest biocluster.

At this moment, several bio-energy projects are operational in port of Ghent and others are in the pipeline.

Container and ro/ro port
Our congestion-free container terminals guarantee fast handling of both short sea shipping and regular inland feeder services with Rotterdam, Antwerp and Zeebrugge.

Besides the daily Scandinavia ro/ro service with Gothenburg, Ghent also has regular ro/ro and lo/lo lines with Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, Norway, Russia and the Far East.

Value adding distribution and logistics
Logistical activities and operations that add value in port of Ghent are mainly concentrated in the fully-equipped logistics parks ‘Skalden’ and ‘Hulsdonk’ situated along the port's main access road and close to the container terminals on the right bank. Various other industrial parks are equally being developed in the port area (Kluizendok and Rieme North).

A large number of logistical companies render value adding services to sectors such as that of consumer goods and car parts.

A number of supply chain companies established themselves in the port as ancillary businesses for Volvo and Honda and consequently, they create a high added value and a large number of jobs.

Industry and production
A lot of companies - such as Volvo Cars Europe, ArcelorMittal Gent, Cargill, Louis Dreyfus Commodities, Fischer Group and Stora Enso Langerbrugge - have their own factory in the port of Ghent. Because of its central location in the logistics heart of the EU and its wide range of transport connections, the port of Ghent is a giant hub for the automotive, chemical, steel, energy, foodstuffs and paper producers.