Economic sectors

Owing to its central location, several world leaders of among others the steel, automotive, foodstuffs, paper, energy and chemical sectors established themselves in the port of Ghent.

Decisive factors in their choice are among other things the smooth and safe accessibility of the port, its excellent port equipment and outstanding hinterland connections by inland waterways, road and rail.

These companies strongly invest in the Ghent canal zone. This entails a lot of employment (65,270 direct and indirect jobs). About one out of four Ghent inhabitants works for a company in the port area.

in order to preserve this favourable situation, Ghent Port Company supports the development of industry and port through service rendering. Moreover, the realization of the Kluizendok and the logistics centre of Rieme North make sure that also in the future the port remains an extremely strategic and dynamic location for industry and for the logistics sector.