Environmental policy statement

To create prosperity and growth in a sustainable way

Ghent Port Company is responsible for the efficient operation of the port of Ghent. Broadly speaking, this means that the Port Company on the one hand makes sure that the necessary infrastructure is available for a smooth handling of navigation and cargo traffic. On the other hand, the Port Company contributes to the creation of a favourable social and economic climate for the companies that are active in the port or want to establish themselves there.

The economic development of the port has to be carried out with respect for the liveability of the surrounding residential areas while paying attention to the ecological values in and around the port and starting from a qualitative town and country planning.

In order to be able to always have the disposal of a sufficient area of port sites, besides the development of new infrastructure, also the available reserves are carefully dealt with. Via a well-considered granting policy with attention to the principles of an economical use of space and the reorganization of existing port sites, the available land is filled up in an optimum way.

In addition, new cluster concepts are being developed. The clustering or the concentration of the entire production chain including attention to the processing of by- and waste products at one single location further contributes to a frugal use of space but also offers the possibility of reducing the ecological footprint of production processes.

Ghent Port Company pays special attention to a good cooperation with all stakeholders on the port scene in order to further shape the port development in an atmosphere of good relationships. This is why Ghent Port Company actively takes part in the Ghent Canal Zone project, in which all stakeholders of the port work together. Because transparency and a clear communication on the achieved results are essential to the creation of a social basis for its policy, Ghent Port Company has the intention to publish an environmental report every two years.

Internally in the company, we pay a lot of attention to a good social dialogue and continue to work on the development of an efficient environmental and safety policy. This implies on the one hand that we act in conformity with the applicable legislation but on the other hand that we also continuously aim at improving our performances in environmental and safety matters. We prove this by our commitment to achieving the PERS certificate (Port Environmental Report System) of ESPO (European Sea Ports Organisation) our environmental management system and our participation in the VOKA Milieucharter (environmental charter).

To conclude, Ghent Port Company provides for the required means and via a dedicated personnel policy and training management it wants to have all necessary in-house qualifications in order to be able to realize this sustainable port policy and consequently be able to keep on giving answers to the complex social challenges the port is confronted with.

06/01/2014, Ghent