Environmental report 2013

In 2013, Ghent Port Company set up an environmental management system using the ESPO (European Sea Ports Organisation) PERS methodology. PERS is the acronym for Port Environmental Review System, which involves a set of guidelines developed for ports, by ports, for the implementation of an environmental management system. With the assistance of this PERS methodology, the environmental objectives in the Strategic plan 2010-2020 were transposed into operational environmental objectives and concrete shape was given to the environmental policy.

An analysis of the existing environmental situation in the port area and the identification of environmental risks were taken as a departure point. In order to limit these environmental risks and to improve the quality of the environment, environmental objectives were formulated and specific initiatives put forward which must be implemented in the period 2014-2015. At the end of this period these initiatives will be evaluated in order to determine to what extent the objectives have been achieved. This evaluation will provide information useful for the formulation of new objectives and initiatives for the following two-year period.

The 2013 environmental report reflects the ‘baseline situation’ (2013) and describes how the Port Company implements its environmental policy. A new report will be issued every two years covering the progress made and the environmental situation in the port area.