Investing in port infrastructure

Ghent Port Company is responsible for the construction and maintenance of its port infrastructure. It invests in the development and upgrading of the docks, the layout of industrial sites and in road works. Moreover, Ghent Port Company takes care of quite some maintenance and renovation works. Furthermore, it also participates in the layout of the coupling areas that serve as buffers between the port activities and residential areas. This allows the port to further develop, the vessels to safely and smoothly moor and unmoor and the companies to be delivered in time.

Docks and quays


  • A new railway line was installed between the container terminal (under development) and the neighbourhood of the Wippelgem Oval (R4-West) where the 'WDPort of Ghent' distribution centre is being built.
  • At the southern side of the Kluizendok, on top of the former La Floridienne dump, a concrete flooring is being installed. It will be used for the further development of the container terminal.
  • The works will be executed until in 2016.


  • Along the Moervaart Canal, at the northern side, a new quay wall is being built. Over the entire length of the present 1,000 metres long quay, a new quay is being built in front of the old one.
  • The works are being executed until in 2016.


  • On parts of the quays of this dock new concrete flooring will be laid out.
  • Also fenders (buffers), skids and (new) safety ladders will be installed along the quay walls. Here and there concrete patches have to be repaired.
  • These works will be executed until in 2017.

Scrap and slag quay

  • Ghent Port Company is building a new scrap and slag quay.
  • The new 220 metres long quay wall at the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal is being built south of the ArcelorMittal quay wall.
  • The works will be carried out in autumn of 2016 and in 2017.


Rieme-Noord industrial site

  • The part of the Rieme-Noord industrial site that is managed by Ghent Port Company (70 out of the 100 hectares) has already been laid out with the necessary roads, sewerage and utilities.
  • The construction of the ‘Dutch complex’ is under way: a bridge over the R4-West that connects the R4 with the industrial site. These works started before the summer of 2016 and will last until in 2017.
  • Afterwards, Ghent Port Company will realise the second access: a road between the industrial site and the road along the Canal.
  • This industrial site will be further developed for storage and distribution activities.


Road works

Langerbruggekaai–connecting road

  • On the left bank, a new connecting road will be constructed from the Langerbruggekaai next to the former power station. In this way, the companies there will be better opened up and traffic will no longer have to drive through the neighbouring residential area of Kerkbrugge/Langerbrugge.
  • The works will be executed from the autumn of 2016 until mid-2017.

R4-Langerbruggestraat: Volvo Car Gent crossroads

  • In October 2015 the drastic works on the Kennedylaan/R4-East in Oostakker (Ghent) were started. AWV (Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer = roads and traffic agency) is building a new interchange at the Langerbruggestraat off Volvo Car. With this new interchange, two dangerous crossroads on the Kennedylaan (R4-East) will disappear.
  • The crossroads with the Langerbruggestraat (off Volvo Car) and the crossroads with Wittewalle/Imsakkerlaan will be replaced by a bridge over the R4 with a roundabout on both sides of the R4.
  • A safe cyclist connection will be realised for cyclists between Oostakker on the one hand and the ferry (Langerbruggestraat) and the companies on the other side of the R4 on the other hand.
  • The Agency will also set up baffle boards to protect the quality of life in the neighbouring residential areas.
  • The works will last until the end of 2017 and will cause quite some traffic disruption.
  • More information, plans and translations into French, German and English on the works and traffic plans can be found at At this site, you can equally subscribe for the digital newsletter on these works.


  • A new road will be constructed between the Langerbruggestraat and the Imsakkerlaan to improve the opening-up of the Mercatordok. The works started mid-2016 and will last until 2017.
  • As a matter of fact, this access road is necessary for the renovation of the crossroads on the R4-East near Volvo Car Gent. Afterwards, the rebuilding of the Langerbruggestraat from the R4-East till the ferry at Langerbrugge will follow.


Coupling areas

  • By mid-2016, the first part of the realisation of the Doornzele-Noord and Rieme-Zuid coupling areas were completed. A detached cycle path along the Vasco da Gamalaan, an important wood buffer in Doornzele and the wood buffer off the bird quarter in Rieme are finished. Along the Molenvaardeken the natural bank will be able to further develop.
  • The Vlaamse Landmaatschappij (Flemish land agency) will draw up a layout plan in 2016 for the Rieme-Oost coupling area.
  • Depending on the execution of the Langerbrugge-Zuid, part of Kerkbrugge-Oost, Doornzele-Canal side and Sint-Kruis-Winkel-Zuid coupling areas, in 2016 – after the completion of the technical design – the building permits will be applied for. In 2017 the on-site execution will start. In Langerbrugge-Zuid and Doornzele-Canal side buffering parks will be laid out with foot paths and recreational facilities. In Kerkbrugge the focus lies on the completion of the cycle connection between the ferry at Langerbrugge and the Doornzelestraat. In Sint-Kruis-Winkel, a recreational loop will be realised and the Old Moervaartarm and vicinity will be rebuilt.


Maintenance and renovation

  • At several locations in the docks, bottom protection works are taking place as well as dredging and ploughing works (evening out of the bottom).
  • 28 km of quay wall are being inspected for corrosion.
  • On various port roads, the top layer in asphalt and the road markings are being renewed. Wherever necessary, greenery is planted again and sewer systems are cleaned.


Strategic plan

These investments, both on water and on land, are in line with the 2010-2020 strategic plan of Ghent Port Company.  Sustainable maintenance and well-considered construction have to make sure that the port can further develop, that vessels can safely and smoothly moor and unmoor and that companies are timely supplied.


Millions of investments

Ghent Port Company pays the larger part of the planned investments that amount to some 15 million euros per year.


Investments by Flemish authorities

Besides Ghent Port Company, also the Flemish authorities often commission quite some investments in the port area. This is done through administrations such as the Agentschap Wegen en Verkeer (roads and traffic agency: for works on the R4), the Agentschap Maritieme Toegang (maritime access agency: for dredging works in the Canal for instance), Waterwegen & Zeekanaal (waterways and seacanal: among other things when the Meulestede or Zelzate bridges are concerned) and the Vlaamse Landmaatschappij (Flemish land agency: for the coupling areas).