Strategic Plan Ghent Port Company 2010 - 2020

Growing together towards sustained prosperity

On January 1, 2010 Ghent Port Company wound up its first 10 years as an Autonomous Municipal Port Company. In those 10 years the company was systematically transformed from a municipal regie into an independently operating and financially sound company.

Today, the time has come to make a ‘great leap forward’. For, the challenges for the future are not the least. Ghent Port Company wants to seize this opportunity to clearly define its ambition and role when approaching these challenges in an adequate way.

Hence this strategic plan 2010–2020.

A well-organized participatory and iterative process was opted for, in which the board of directors, the executive committee and a broad representation of the staff members were intensively involved. Moreover, the strategic plan was regularly tested against the opinion or criticism of representative stakeholders from trade and industry, the higher authorities, the academic world and social partners. Adjustments were carried out in order to obtain the largest possible basis.

The result of this process is written down in the present document that translates our mission, vision and ambition in a concise way into clearly measurable strategic objectives.

In order to actually realize these objectives, numerous action plans will be developed in cooperation with our staff members. The organization will also be continuously adapted so as to offer this diversity of actions a reasonable chance of success and also to be able to always better anticipate or adapt to changing external factors. Additional functional objectives will be formulated to steer this transition in the corporate culture.

For this purpose, Ghent Port Company will have to meet a number of requirements in the field of flexibility, readiness to adapt, initiative and innovative thinking. However, the board of directors and the executive committee are confident that all our co-workers, together with us, will successfully take this leap to the future.

Also our stakeholders, partners and clients will always take up a prominent position in the realization of this outlook on the future. We want to grow together towards sustainable prosperity.

Finally, we wish to warmly thank everyone who contributed to the realization of this strategic plan 2010–2020 for their input.

After five years, this plan has been updated in 2015 in order to respond to the changed circumstances.

Photo: Tom D'Haenens