European Flemish-Dutch Interreg project ‘Duurzame zeehavens’ (Sustainable seaports)

In the European Flemish-Dutch Interreg project ‘Sustainable seaports', the port authorities of Ghent, Zeebrugge, Ostend, Antwerp and Terneuzen/Flushing cooperated on a sustainable port development. More specifically, they focused on energetic preservation. The project ran from November 2012 up to and including December 2014.

Supported by the European Fund for Regional Development, the former Flemish minister for Mobility and Public Works Hilde Crevits, the former Flemish minister for Energy Freya Van den Bossche, the four Flemish seaports, the provinces of West and East Flanders, the Dutch Zeeland Seaports and the province of Zeeland together invested 794,428 euros in the European "Sustainable seaports" project.

A twofold learning network was set up that consisted on the one hand of the project partners involved that regularly held cross-border consultations. On the other hand, it comprised a part that was open to all stakeholders in and around these port regions. Within this learning network, a forum was created in which the participants could learn from each other’s research and actions, be inspired by one another and explore new opportunities. Ghent Port Company led the project.

The following project activities were carried out within the European Interreg project ‘Sustainable seaports’:

  • Study of residual and side streams – Port of Ghent
    Inventory and evaluation of the possibilities for exchanging residual and side streams in the Ghent Canal Zone.
  • Study of joint mains connection wind turbine park - Port of Zeebrugge
    Study for the realization of the joint mains connection of wind turbines in the port of Zeebrugge.
  • Study of sustainable and eco-friendly building cluster – Port of Ostend
    Development of a master plan for a sustainable and eco-friendly building cluster in the port of Ostend. An answer was sought for the growing onrush of companies and a strategy was elaborated for the on-shore organization of the blue energy sector.
  • Study into generating solar energy on a large scale - Zeeland Seaports
    Investigating the possibilities of generating solar energy on a large scale in the Zeeland port area and applying this energy directly for performing (logistical) operations.
  • Study of environment-related data base – Port of Antwerp in cooperation with project partners
    Feasibility study for the development of an environment-related data base for ocean shipping.
  • Development of a ‘sustainable seaports’ learning network - all project partners Organization of workshops/seminars, exchange of project results and experiences concerning sustainable port development.

Below you can download the final report of the study of residual and side streams Ghent Port Company had carried out (only in Dutch available). You can download the study results of the other port partners from their website.