Ghent Port Company's tasks comprise the execution of port-managerial competences as mentioned in the Port decree. 

The final aim is the efficient operation of the port. Broadly speaking, this boils down to the fact that the Port Company sees to it that the necessary and adequate infrastructure is present in the port for a smooth handling of shipping and cargo traffic. Also, the Port Company has to make sure that a favourable social and economic climate is created for the companies that are active in the port or wish to establish themselves there.

Port decree
The obligations of the Flemish ports are regulated in the Port decree of February 2, 1999. Art. 2, 2° describes the port-managerial competences as follows:

  • management and operation of the public and private port domain
  • establishing and collection of port dues
  • rendering port-related services to port users (all public service obligations by the Port Company that directly or indirectly support the transhipment and transport activities in the port area) as well as the regulation and fixing of their conditions of use
  • carrying out special administrative policing powers
  • only the Port Companies can carry out these port-managerial competences

Supplementary tasks
Moreover, ports equally carry out supplementary tasks. Ghent Port Company defined the following tasks for itself:

  • defending the port's interests with European, federal, Flemish and local authorities and bodies
  • promotion of port of Ghent at home and abroad in cooperation with the companies
  • planning and maintenance of the infrastructure
  • drinking-water deliveries to seagoing and inland vessels
  • waste collection according to the ‘waste collection directive of the European Union’
  • providing information on the organization of shipping traffic in the port