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Port of Ghent

Lithuanian minister of energy visits port of Ghent

On Tuesday, April 11, 2017 port of Ghent is paid a visit by the Lithuanian minister of energy ┼Żygimantas Vaiciunas for a tour by boat through the port. This visit fits within the framework of port of Ghent as home base for sustainable energy activities.

Port of Ghent is focusing hard on sustainable energy: wind turbines, the ‘Zonneberg’ as the biggest solar panels parc of the Benelux, bioenergy and biomass, cogeneration and a biomass power station for the production of electricity. For the production of biofuels, Ghent ranks among the absolute top in Europe.

Lithuania is 20th biggest trading partner
In 2016, companies in Ghent port imported a total of 320,000 tonnes of goods from Lithuania. Consequently, Lithuania is the 20th biggest trading partner of port of Ghent. Especially the imports of fertilizers (representing 200,000 tonnes), rapeseed (50,000 tonnes) and molasses (a by-product of sugarcane and sugar beet: 32,000 tonnes) form the most important cargo traffics from the Baltic state.

Published on Tuesday 11 April 2017
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