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Port of Ghent

Port of Ghent once again registers best quarter ever

Ghent port’s cargo traffic in second quarter and first six months of 2017

In the second quarter of 2017, port of Ghent registered an absolute record for its seaborne cargo traffic. Also the previous quarter yielded a record. Moreover, Ghent Port Company stated that also inland navigation traffic during this period was again on the up.

Second quarter: all cargo categories are increasing
For the seaborne cargo traffic, this was the best quarter ever: a total of almost 8.5 million tonnes (+15.5%). In the second quarter, this traffic showed an increase for no less than every single cargo category! Strong growing sectors are solid mineral fuels, foodstuffs and animal feed, chemical products and agricultural products.

Inland navigation ended up at 5.8 million tonnes of cargo traffic (+8.3%). Since over a year now, inland navigation traffic has continued going upwards.

In the second quarter of 2017, Ghent port also registered a record traffic for seaborne and inland navigation together, being 14.3 million tonnes. This is 12.4% (1.6 million tonnes) more than in 2016 thanks to the record traffic by sea and the increasing volumes by inland navigation.

Best half year
For the first six months of 2017, the total cargo traffic (seaborne and by inland navigation) amounts to 28.1 million tonnes. This is the best half year ever. With 16.6 million tonnes (+18%) in the first six months, seaborne cargo traffic also reached a record for this period. Inland navigation traffic amounts to 11.5 million tonnes (+2.7%).

Published on Tuesday 04 July 2017
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