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  • Ghent Port Company pursues a cautious but strong financial policy - figures 2013 annual accounts

    By means of a cautious financial policy, Ghent Port Company is developing a strong financial capacity and a large financial independence for the operation of the port. This is shown in the Port Company’s 2013 annual accounts. In 2013, it realized a higher turnover than ever before. Moreover, it again ends the year with a 12 million euros profit. 5 million of it is immediately reserved for the realization of the new sealock in Terneuzen. The remaining 7 million goes to the further development of the infrastructure for the port users and the companies.

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  • Ghent becomes first Belgian port to receive award for sustainable port development from European Sea Ports Organisation

    A sustainable port in which port operations, working and living are coordinated with each other so that, together, they may achieve increased prosperity: this is Ghent Port Company’s priority. To accomplish this, it is implementing numerous environmental measures and systematically monitoring their progress on the basis of precise recommendations from the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO). On Thursday 15 May 2014, Ghent Port Company became the first Belgian port to receive ‘Port Environmental Review System’ certification for this approach.

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  • Ghent Port Company receives award for 50% cut in CO2 emissions

    Ghent Port Company continues to work on reducing energy consumption and shifting to alternative sources of energy in an effort to reduce its CO2 emissions. It is applying this approach both to its own business practices and to the way the port is run. By 2017, this will lead to a 50% cut in CO2 emissions. On Wednesday, 14 May 2014, the Port Company received a ‘Lean and Green’ award for this from the Flanders Institute for Logistics.

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  • Stevedoring company Stukwerkers opens new warehouse in the port of Ghent

    On Friday 9 May, the stevedoring company Stukwerkers Havenbedrijf opened a new warehouse in the port of Ghent. The EUR 6 million investment is intended to accommodate the rising traffic in bulk goods, including fertilisers. Ghent Port Company is very pleased that the port's oldest company (dating back to 1338) continues to invest in the port.

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